Bigger is better, smaller is best! Interior decoration should no longer be the reason you dread staying in a small house. Here are some simple, practical and helpful tips to guide you as you decorate your house.

Adding Color in small homes makes it look bigger

When painting small homes, it’s wise to always stick to lighter colors as they make a house appear bigger and more spacious. You can make each room in your house a unique sanctuary by coloring it with different shades or you can maintain a uniform pattern to achieve a particular look for your house.

Less Furniture creates more space in a small home

Less is always more when furnishing small houses. It does not help to crowd the house with big furniture pieces as they crowd the room giving you limited space for other activities. In case you are building or looking for interior design ideas for small homes, placing large windows may be helpful to the décor since it adds more light into the room making it appear bigger and more spacious.

Adding lights is one of the simple ideas to decorate a small room

The brighter a room is, the more spacious it will appear. Lighting is a significant way in how you can transform the interior of your small house and make it appear bigger. Using mirrors is always helpful in adding lighting to a room as it reflects the light back into the room making it brighter. Instead of using one bulb in the middle of a room, you can add lamp stands in different corners of the house to give your house a homely and cozy feel.

Creating Storage space decreases clutter in small spaces.

A room has eight corners, there’s so much you can do with those. Your biggest need in a small house is space. Get the right storage for your items and you will be amazed at how much space you will have available. Storage simply requires being creative with the items you have in your house and maximizing your available space to achieve your desired goal. Some of the ways you can save storage is by creating a shelf above your door, making a shelf along your staircase. Use fewer, larger pieces of furniture to reduce visual clutter when designing the interior of your small room.

Floor decorations are good for interior design of a small room

The choice of floor you choose depends on the general interior design of your home. For plain and simple furnishing, printed or square tiles or rugs may come in handy as they enhance the general appearance of the room and add color to it. However, generally, plain carpets are more appropriate for small rooms. Prints and squares make the room seem smaller and more crowded.

In conclusion, designing a house no matter what size calls for a lot of creativity and making the most of the items you already have present in your house. With simplicity and maximum attention to detail, you can be able to get the house of your dreams in simple, cost friendly ways!


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